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Aug 17, 2023

Drs. Lillian Siu and Melvin Chua discuss scientific innovations, disruptive technologies, and novel ways to practice oncology that were featured at the 2023 ASCO Breakthrough meeting in Yokohama, Japan, including CRISPR and gene editing, CAR T-cell and adoptive cell therapies, as well as emerging AI applications that...

Aug 10, 2023

Drs. Vamsi Velcheti, Taofeek Owonikoko, and Janakiraman Subramanian discuss their experiences navigating the cancer drug shortage in the United States, the impact on patients and clinical trial enrollment, lessons learned, and proactive strategies to mitigate future crises.


Dr. Vamsi Velcheti: Hello, I'm...

Aug 3, 2023

Drs. Douglas Flora and Shaalan Beg discuss the use of artificial intelligence in oncology, its potential to revolutionize cancer care, from early detection to precision medicine, and its limitations in some aspects of care.


Dr. Shaalan Beg: Hello and welcome to the ASCO Daily News Podcast. I'm Dr. Shaalan...